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Posted by mukhid on December 26, 2007

1. Skimming or Reading in order to get the general idea of the text so that we can decide what kind of text and subject, and/or genre that we will translate. Each different text will need different treatment.
2. Text Analysis in which we decide the aim of text, the purpose of writing, the orientation of the translation, and anything related to the text.
3. Data gathering in which we collect as many as information we can about the text and/or the writer we are dealing with. The source of information can be from our schemata, reading materials, audiovisual materials, online materials, and/or the client’s information.
4. Translating, the process which is in some literatures called as restructuring, that is the process of the transferring of messages and/or the meaning of the text from the SL to the TL.
5. Terminology checking, that is checking the difficult words or terms in specific subjects. It can be done by looking up the dictionaries and/or glossaries (hard copy, soft copy, online, or offline), checking on the google, and/or consulting other translators/professionals.
6. Revision which covers editing (checking the sentences, structure, and consistency), and proofreading (checking spelling).
7. Final Review that is review the result of the translation once again to avoid any mistakes.

***Abdul Mukhid****


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